Monday, January 02, 2006

All a game

In between their Christmas celebrations, the British public spent much of last week worrying about the fate of Kate Burton, 24 -- who spent the past year working for a Palestinian organisation -- and her parents, who were kidnapped in Gaza and released a few tense days later. But now that she's free, apparently, she's not particularly grateful:
British officials have already spoken briefly to Ms Burton, 24, and her parents after their release but are keen to find out more. However, Ms Burton was extremely reluctant to give any descriptions of her captors.
“Kate had long ideological discussions with the kidnappers which certainly tired her out,” one official said, “but we have been trying to impress on her that it was serious and that she was kidnapped...”
Last night Seren Wildwood, 47, Kate Burton’s half-sister, said that she had spoken to her father, Hugh.
“It’s been reported that [Kate] badgered her kidnappers and I could believe that. You can just imagine: there’s this outcry over the kidnapping and she’s arguing with them in Arabic about ideology. They probably thought ‘get her out of here’.”
This lack of cooperation, despite the fact that her captors have already threatened further kidnappings.
But best of all is the report in the Mail, which quoted her as saying that
she felt a "sense of guilt" at putting her parents in danger, but was "pleased that they saw "the positive side of the Palestinians".
"I was aware there was a risk and still took the chances and put my parents at risk. In retrospect I think I shouldn't have done that, but I am pleased they saw the positive side of Palestine," she said.
Somewhere else -- I can't find the source any more -- another friend or relative says that Kate wouldn't blame her captors as she wouldn't believe they could do such a thing 'without good reason.'
Was there ever such a great illustration of the complete moral blindness of so many of the foreign volunteers amongst the Palestinians? Even when this ridiculous girl is a victim of terrorism herself, she still thinks the terrorists are the good guys. One wonders what exactly they'd have had to have done to her to open her eyes.

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