Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not a steal

The London Times reports:
Burglaries, car thefts and other crimes have more than halved since Israelis began gluing themselves to television sets for news on the health of Ariel Sharon, their ailing Prime Minister...
In the first three days after Mr Sharon's stroke only 865 burglaries were reported, compared to 1,739 in the corresponding period last year. Police attributed the fall to the fact that householders and would-be burglars have been preoccupied with their Prime Minister’s fight for life.
"It’s obviously more difficult to break into a house while the owner is stuck in front of the television," one police source told the Maariv daily. "But it’s also possible that some of the burglars have themselves decided to stay in to follow Mr Sharon’s health.
Or maybe Mr Sharon didn't get $3 million from Cyril Kern at all and now we know where all the extra cash really came from?

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