Monday, January 23, 2006

Canadian revolution?

It's Canadian election day and according to polls, there's going to be a major upset, with the Liberal party thrown out of power after 12 years and the Conservatives returned, albeit with a minority government. Of-course, polls have been wrong before and there's no saying what will actually happen, however it will be interesting to watch -- as will the Jewish vote. The Jewish establishment is considered fairly aligned with the Liberals, however the party has been in some hot water recently for their shoddy attitude towards Israel, and the Conservatives have been much more supportive; in Ontario, run by the Liberals, the province has been in hot water for some time now over the issue of funding for Jewish schools. More on all this here.
It was interesting for me to see, last week when I was in Canada, that even many people I talked to in the heavily Jewish areas of Toronto were considering voting Conservative for the first time in years -- although in Ontario the Conservatives are considered, or were considered until very recently, the yokels from Alberta. Did the people I meet reflect reality? We'll see tonight I guess.

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