Thursday, January 05, 2006

Head of Orthodox Union: "I believe in Evolution"

Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Weinreb, in Q and A in Haaretz, says categorically that he sees no reason why Orthodox jews cannot fully accept the scientiifc proofs of history (see question about two-thirds of the way down).
"Let me explain my position. I am convinced that there is a strong scientific case to be made for Darwin's theory of evolution as it is currently understood."

Thank G-d there is still one sensible mainstream Orthodox leader around. Now can we move on? It is, however, astonishing that such a prominent O leader is risking the condemnation of the entire Yeshivah world.

Manwhile - and I am aware that I am taking our attention away from the issue of the moment -- an equally astonishing letter in the Toronto 'Jewish Tribune' argues that we all got the wrong impression regarding the nature of Rabbi Miller's condemnatory letter about Rabbi Slifkin.....

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