Thursday, December 08, 2005

Way, way beyond teshuvah

A new blog for BT's has made its appearance. It is an interesting read, and I wish the blog much success. The list of contributors is interesting (see the r.h. side coloumn of the blog) - three rabbis, plus Zelig, Rivka, Arye Leib, Mordechai, Melech, Meyer, Dovid and Chava. No Zekes, Rosemarys, Arthurs, Michaels, etc etc. The discussions show great concern about ..... conformity, and integrating into Haredi society.

Which leaves me asking - why have the non-Haredi Orthodox been such failures in being able to harness and encourage the interest in Judaism among young people of the last 20 - 30 years? There is no non-haredi equivalent of Aish, or Or Sameach, or Arachim. [Cynics might say that there is, and it's called: Chabad ...]. Isn't there a place for a movement which shows a different dimension of Judaism, that does not demand of those becoming interested in deepening their Jewish observance that they adopt a Haredi lifestyle and Haredi attitudes and beliefs?

What did we do wrong?

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