Monday, December 05, 2005

Did I say Kol Nidrei for Lord Haw-Haw's daughter?

The Guardian has an astonishing piece about the daughter of William Joyce ("Lord Haw-Haw"), the English traitor who broadcast Nazi propaganda from Germany during WW2. He was tried and executed for treason after the war. Seems that his daughter (now aged 77) does not share his views, and has for many years quietly attended the synagogue in the historic English town of Chatham (about 50 miles SE of London, a port on the River Medway in Kent, and famous for its British Navy and Charles Dickens connections.) Well, as I write here in Toronto, on the wall near me is a large, framed, colour photo of the Chatham shul, built in 1837 (or so), on the site of an earlier synagogue. Why? Because for some years I went to Chatham (with the family) to daven for the Yamim Naroim. So did I, unwittingly, say Kol Nidrei for William Joyce's daughter????

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