Monday, December 12, 2005

Nothing to do with the Jews, everything to do with the Catholics

Mel Gibson's film company, Con Artist Productions, is going to be involved in making a tv miniseries about a Jewish girl who was saved during the holocaust by her Catholic boyfriend.
This is not Gibson's personal production and it's unclear just how involved he will be; it's unclear even if his name will be attached to the project. Not only that, the miniseries will be made for ABC in collaboration with two other film companies. So -- it is actually pretty reasonable to assume that Gibson will have little to do with the decisions over how this series is made. The blustering and hype coming from Jewish sources as to whether Gibson can be trusted to make this movie, etc etc etc is exactly that -- blustering and hype. Most likely, the movie will have little to do with Gibson. He shouldn't be attacked for it and -- contra Rabbi Hier's pronouncement that the project would "give Gibson a chance to redeem himself from the controversy over 'The Passion of the Christ,' which did not portray Jews fairly" -- when it turns out to be just as superficial and predictable as most other made-for-tv miniseries, Gibson shouldn't be given any of the credit either.
The one thing Gibson possibly -- probably -- had a say in was whether his company should collaborate on this in the first place. If so, the first thing that popped into my head was what Deborah Cohn says at the bottom of this Reuters piece -- basically, the pertinent piece of info here is not that it's a movie about a Jew in the Holocaust but that it's about a Catholic savior during the holocaust. Rabbi Hier, you've completely misunderstood.

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