Thursday, December 15, 2005

In which I am publicly rebuked:

On the Fringe writes:

"...... Paul Shaviv, this is your last warning: So help me, if you use the acronym BAYT one more time without bothering to explain what it means, I’ll smack you upside the Bloghead. Or knock your Bloghead off. I’m kidding, obviously. But not by much. The Jewish blogosphere is not for Orthodox yeshiva graduates only. It’s full of seekers, late-learners, Baalei Teshuvah (“returnees” to Orthodox Judaism) and Jews by Choice (which, for those not familiar with that term, means those formerly known as converts to Judaism)...."

A bit thick to single me out from the entire www. Anyway, thanks to those who got their before me (and I only came across it by accident) and solved the mystery.

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