Monday, December 05, 2005

Slifkin in Toronto - partial perspective

I wasn't going to blog on this, for various (unimportant) reasons, but since a) Miriam and Danny have flown off for a (well deserved) holiday and the blogmistress has cheerfully unloaded on her poor father the responsibility for the blog (since she can't edit this post, I'm enjoying it!) and since b) an 'Anonymous' has asked about it , here is some info:

1. Rabbi Slifkin was in Toronto over the last few days. He spoke at a programme organised by a very enterprising local organisation called 'Torah in Motion', organised by Rabbi Jay Kelman and Dr. Elliott Malamet (his earlier comments on l'affaire Slifkin here). The local Orthodox rabbis heartily disapprove of TiM, seeing it as a sort of local "Edah".
2. I didn't manage to attend Rabbi Slifkin's public lectures, although I understand that he spoke to packed audiences and was enthusiastically received. He spoke at CHAT to our Grade 12's earlier in the week, on 'Evolution'. Students and staff (Jewish/non-Jewish) found him fascinating, reasonable, helpful, knowledgeable and interesting. i have great sympathy and respect for Rabbi Slifkin.
3. As reported elsewhere on the blogosphere, the major posek of Toronto, Rabbi Shlomoh Eliyahu Miller, issued a letter calling Rabbi Slifkin every name under the sun, condemning his books, and then for good measure adding some science. You can read the letter here and judge its contents for yourself. I think English translations are being posted on the web. I doubt that any LOR in the city will dare comment on it.
4. As to an earlier document circulated in the city - allegedly forged - I have no idea of this incident.

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