Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why Charedi rioters called policemen 'Nazis'

On Friday night, there was another Charedi riot in Jerusalem over the opening of the municipal parking lot on Shabbat. Six policemen and passers-by were injured.

The tone of this riot, however, seemed to be even more aggressive than previous ones. The police have complained that the demonstrators called them "Nazis" and spat on them, and say this is "not acceptable".

Well, there is a direct address for this complaint. The term "Nazi" didn't come out of nowhere - it has been deliberately encouraged by the leadership of the Edah Charedit, the extreme Charedi sect which has an ideological objection to the state of Israel. It is responsible for all the riots this summer, both over the parking lot and the mother accused of starving her infant son.

Take a look at this poster - recently distributed by the Edah:

The cartoon shows the selection process for the Nazi death camps. Next is line is a Charedi "Yiddishe Mama" together with her two children. Deciding whether she lives or dies are Hitler - labelled "Prosecutor's office" - and an Israeli, labelled "Welfare". The signs show, however, that all Charedim are being directed to "torture" - the gas chambers - while all secular people are being directed to "life" in the big city. The entire process is headlined, "Israeli selection", and under the cartoon, the caption gives the Edah Charedit's number and email address for those who require more material about the medical and welfare establishment's hostility to the Charedi public.

The cartoon directly concerns the case of the mother accused of starving her child, not the municipal parking lot. But that is the explicit message that the Edah Charedit has deliberately been spreading to its followers this summer: the Israeli authorities are Nazis.

(Hat tip: Emes VeEmunah)

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