Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rabbis with guns

Meet the members of the "International security coalition of Clergy", which is part of the "Tzedek Task Force on Counter Terrorism".

Behind this mouthful are a group of American rabbis and pastors who are going through 100 hours of combat shooting practice in order to protect their congregations. The press release explains:

There is a clear a present danger emanating from extremist Muslim Jihads.

Clergy must protect their flock from both spiritual and mortal dangers.

This group of religious leaders is the sheepdogs and shepherds for the sheep they lead.

The question is, does this photo make you feel more secure - or less secure? Personally, the thought of these middle-aged Rambo wannabes running around my shul with guns, on the lookout for Muslim terrorists behind the bimah, is petrifying (although it might put a quick stop to the problem of talking during the rabbi's sermon).

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