Monday, August 03, 2009

Roseanne defends her Hitler photoshoot - badly


Roseanne Barr is at the centre of a storm of controversy following a photoshoot for Heeb Magazine, in which she dressed up as Hitler and baked - and burnt - "Jew cookies".


Of course, there is a long tradition of making fun of the Nazis, from Charlie Chaplin, Mel Brooks and John Cleese onwards. But anyone attempting this rather dangerous brand of humour better have a really clear idea why they are doing it and what they are making fun of. Does Roseanne?

I went on her blog, where she offers several explanations.

1. The metaphorical reason:

Hitler served the german industrialists who put him in power, as if he were their little housefrau. When they thought they could turn a buck by cooking and gassing their minority groups, he helped set up their lines of federal credit to do so.
I thought that Hitler in drag making jew cookies was a very accurate way of depicting the whole German Gestalt. Also, I hate Hitler, because he thought that artists should be censored. I also hate everyone else who thinks that way.

2. A poetic reason:

There is so much antisemitism in this world,
It's not even funny.
It is as everyday as baking cookies.
Ignorance is not bliss.
Recalling the horrors of the holocaust will not deflect or divert it, as many Jewish people think.

3. The real reason?

Hitler was a dweeb who farted all the time, incested his niece, held her hostage and killed her when she tried to escape at age seventeen, alot like FRITZL.... He has been dead for over half a century and people still fear even invoking his name, giving him some horrid power over their own minds...

I say also, its time for jews to snap out of it, out of nazi mind control. Hitler is a dead guy who thought jews were going to infect german RNA, and yet his own grandmother was impregnated by one of the Rothschild family (jews) while working in their home as a servant. This is what he wanted to obscure most of all, and goerring the same story. self hate is the most virile form of hatred.

Well, he did not kill "the jewish people", and neither did Haman and neither did Martin Luther, or the Popes of the Vatican, or any of the other despots on earth who caused many to suffer and die, but are now only dust and nothing more. Get over Hitler, Jewish people!! that was then and this is now!

Torah tells us the temple was destroyed by the hatred of one jew to another, and not by any "gentile". Time for thinking jews to speak out, wake up and take correct spiritual action against evil. Speak out against collective punishment in Gaza!

Our ancestors go back long before there was judaism!


In other words, Hitler was a nerd; We are all too obsessed with him and the Holocaust; and Israel is busy committing another one.

Now, Roseanne certainly knows a thing or two about the Holocaust; much of her mother's family was murdered and according to an old interview in the Guardian, her mother was so traumatised that she used to hide with her children in the basement everytime an unannounced visitor came to the door.

This might explain a thing or two about why she is so eager to throw off the Holocaust's mental yoke.

But reading these comments, you really do have to wonder whether she appreciates just how unique and horrifying Nazi Germany was. A place where they murder 6 million Jews - and, just as bad, she implies, censor artists! A place with a modern equivalent - Israel - which also carries out evil collective punishment. (She made the comparison even more explicitely just this January, when she called Israel a "Nazi-state".)

You can't make fun of the Nazis without understanding what you're making fun of. And Roseanne doesn't.

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