Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wait til Melanie Phillips gets hold of this...

According to CNN, British police officers who wore a pin showing the cross of St. George -- ie., the English flag -- were told off by a prison inspector for offending Muslim sensibilities.
Chris Doyle, director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British understanding, said Tuesday the red cross was an insensitive reminder of the Crusades.
"A lot of Muslims and Arabs view the Crusades as a bloody episode in our history," he told CNN. "They see those campaigns as Christendom launching a brutal holy war against Islam.
"Muslim or Arab prisoners could take umbrage if staff wore a red cross badge. It's also got associations with the far-right. Prison officers should be seen to be neutral."
Doyle added that it was now time for England to find a new flag and a patron saint who is "not associated with our bloody past and one we can all identify with."
Perhaps a crescent??

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