Monday, October 31, 2005

Child brides

YNet is carrying a strange story about a 'Hassidic Rabbi' (the Hebrew version clarifies he's a Bratslaver) who is under investigation for performing wedding ceremonies involving 13 and 14 year old girls from his community. The article does not explain why these girls were being married off at such ages, who they were being married to, what has happened to them in the interim and who else, if anyone, has been charged in this affair -- in particular, what about their parents??? -- all, you would think, important details. However, the article concludes:
the rabbi had been warned by the Chief Rabbinate not to perform the ceremonies.
A rabbi who's married even one 13 or 14 year old should not be 'warned not to perform the ceremonies.' He should be immediately stopped from performing ANY marriage ceremonies by reporting him to the police for taking part in something illegal and abusive. One can only conclude they were protecting him -- if true, a total disgrace on the part of the Rabbanut.

UPDATE: Ha'aretz has slightly more on the case.

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