Sunday, October 02, 2005

Majorly inaccurate article about Canadian Jews in World Jewish Digest

This article on Canadian Jewish life in the current WJD contains a major error.

It states:

"For example, the Canadian government provides financial support for ethnic schools that offer secular studies. Included among these institutions are Jewish day schools. As a result, day school tuitions in Canada range from $3,100 to $3,800 per ear."

1. "The Canadian Government" does not provide a single cent. Some Provincial governments do.

2. However, Ontario - home to Toronto's 180,000 Jews, 50%+ of all Jews in Canada, and with 11,000 students in full-time Jewish education - does not give any support whatever to Jewish schools. Given the constant amount of publicity and discussion about this issue in the last 2-3 years, which is the most important argument the community has with the Provincial Government, it is just breathtaking that the writer isn't aware of this.

3. For this reason, tuition fees in Ontario's 37 Jewish schools range from CAN$8-10,000 (Elementary) to just over CAN$15,000 (High School) - and not as stated.

4. One important (unmentioned) fact is the support given to Jewish Education in Toronto by the local UJA Federation, which amounts to approx. CAN$12m per year - the most, probably, of any Federation in N America.

There are numerous other perspectives in the article with which one might take exception. The glaring error about school funding, however, is enough. Hope the other articles are better researched .....

  • NOTE: This posting was about the World Jewish Digest, not about who gets paid what in the Toronto Jewish School system. I have, I am afraid, taken editorial prerogative and stopped the comments. The person who is commenting / was commenting on that issue is welcome to initiate his/her own blog and debate the issue there. Shanah Tovah to all readers!