Thursday, June 03, 2004

Shades of Yossele Schumacher

Jewish Agency rescues Yemenite family from Satmar

"'The Satmar promised to take them to a 'golden land,' but when they got here they found themselves in more of a Yiddish-speaking shtetl,'" said [the head of the Jewish Agency Aliyah Delegation in North America, Michael] Landsberg, who led the rescue operation."
Unfortunately, the JPost article lacks some vital context; these stories are not new. See here, here and (ref. to Satmar towards the end) here.

UPDATE: El Al slaps $250 fine on the escaping family for having more than two suitcases. For real.


Anonymous said...

Thats just many olim (including myself) were given leeway when making aliyah? And the fee is only $90 per bag anyway...

Anonymous said...

please do your research! what happened during the mass aliyah for yemen and other countries, when they thought they were being brought to Israel "on eagles wings" and their children were taken away from them and forcefully taken to irreligious kibutzim etc.