Monday, November 15, 2010

Never been kissed? You're not alone

I'm always intrigued by the search terms that led people to this blog. Take today; there's been "hairy Miriam" (nothing to do with me, I swear), "not the godol hador blog author" (ask this guy, no need to come here for that), "Eliza Davis Dickens", various queries about the number of Jews in Russia, J Street, the Stuxnet virus etc.

Also regularly popular are "Amish year off", "are Jews smarter" and "Arafat daughter" (whom I wrote about here and here).

But the all-time most searched term; the term which wins almost day in, day out, is "never been kissed blog", which I wrote about here. Today alone, in addition to various searches for that blog, I've also had "26 never been kissed" and "I'm 38 and never been kissed".

Clearly a more common problem than one might think...

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