Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top 10 signs your rabbi was recently indicted

Frum Satire responds to the New Jersey money-laundering scandal with the top 10 signs your rabbi was recently indicted:

10 Suddenly takes on minhag to wear hat on face

9 Synagogue Charity Auction now includes “Kidney”

8 Unless you work in criminal defense, you ain’t getting Shlishi

7 Rebbetzin is suddenly on Jdate

6 Afternoon Halacha Shiur now entitled: “Ankle Monitors on Shabbat”

5 Will be spending the rest of the summer “upstate”

4 Sermon comes in form of an Affadavit

3 Keeps tying everything to an obscure “Josef in Jail” metaphor

2 Pretty sure he just referred to Bernie Madoff as “Shlita”

1 He’s still wearing Black & White, only this time, it’s all stripes

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