Thursday, July 16, 2009

If you can't bear to part from your sukkah...


DovBear has posted an ad by a North London sukkah company, which promises "a written guarantee that your sukka will go to you to Eretz Yisroel when Moshiach comes."

I phoned the gentleman who owns the company, one Mr Bard, to find out why exactly anyone would want this.

He explained to me that the Gemara says that when Moshiach comes, all shuls will go to Israel. The Kedushas Levi adds that so will all Jewish houses which were filled with Torah. Sukkahs going to Israel as well, however, are Mr Bard's own addition - "if houses that are filled with Torah go, a Sukkah, which is a piece of a mitzvah, must go too."

There's no actual need for a sukkah to be transported to Israel in messianic times (as someone on DovBear's website commented, surely you can buy sukkot in Israel) - "just if you want it to".

Sadly, no one has taken him up on the offer of a written guarantee yet - but "it's a new thing".

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