Thursday, July 30, 2009

Department of dumb ideas

This is why we have a "shidduch crisis".

Some ingenious mind has just launched a new venture called "Shidduch in a box". The idea is that at an Orthodox wedding, the happy couple puts out a table near the place cards which includes "shidduch profiles", to be filled out by their single friends while waiting for the couple to emerge from the Yichud room / take their pictures etc.

After the wedding and sheva brachot are over, the couple can use the profiles to start setting up their friends.

Brilliant, right?

But let's look at the small print. The Shidduch Box kit, which is given to the couple before the wedding, includes "an explanatory page for the couple - explanatory pages to display at their wedding (one for the men's side, one for the women's)."

I hate to point it out, but if these poor singles were actually allowed to sit together at the wedding, there would be no need for shtick like "shidduch boxes". They might actually be able to meet each other under normal conditions, develop a natural conversation, and maybe even like each other.

But no, let's keep them at opposite sides of the room, and get them to fill out forms........

(Or perhaps the whole idea of the Shidduch Box is that the singles finally get to mingle when they are filling out the forms? Shouldn't there be two shidduch boxes, one for the men's side and one for the women's? Just a thought...)

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