Monday, December 14, 2009

Worth a read

-- A touching story about the first soldier killed in Operation Cast Lead, via Daniel Gordis

-- Last week we ran a story about a new sexual education programme in religious schools in Israel. Now the NYT writes about the sex education programme in a leading New York Orthodox school - called 'Sex with the rabbi'.

-- Two interesting posts from Harry Maryles on the decline of rabbinic influence: here, here.

-- On the Main Line has the fascinating story of Lord George Gordon, an 18th century lord who converted to Judaism. He died in prison after defaming Marie Antoinette (he was previously acquitted of instigating riots in London in which 450 people died or were injured); while in prison he would only accept Jewish visitors (male) if they had beards and covered their heads. Follow the links on the blog or -- dare I say it -- check out his entry in Wikipedia...

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