Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jonathan Pollard: His own worst enemy?

Jonathan Pollard has lost his mind. According to the Jerusalem Post,

Speaking to Likud activists Moshe Feiglin and Shmuel Sackett at Butner Prison in North Carolina, Pollard said he wanted Schalit to come home, but the thought of terrorists being released "boiled him with anger."

"This is a horrible hilul Hashem [blasphemy]," Pollard said.

"Instead, [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu should take the list of prisoners Hamas requested and kill one of them every day until they release Gilad from prison. He should not free terrorists, no matter what."

Does he really think comments like this are going to help his cause? Prompt the American administration to free him? Gain support from the Israeli public - who largely support the Shalit deal (even if, in an ideal world, they do not want to release any terrorists either)? Does he really think that the association with Moshe Feiglin, despised by all but the extreme right, is going to do him any favours?

If he wants to be free, he should be quiet. He really is his own worst enemy.

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