Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A dybbuk hits Brazil

The Charedi ban on the internet does not hold in all circumstances, apparently.

Just recently, a man in Brazil exhibiting strange behaviour was diagnosed as being posessed by a dybbuk. (Yes, in 2009.)

After referral to a couple of the world's leading rabbis, he was sent to the renowned master of Kabbalah, Rav Batzri, in Israel. Due to the distance, Rav Batzri attempted to remove the dybuk - via Skype!

You can watch the less-than-impressive ceremony here.

Not surprisingly, the attempted exorcism was unsuccessful - maybe there was a bad internet connection? - and the possessed man was last heard of on his way to Israel, to have the spirit removed in person.

I'd love to hear his interview with the El Al security people.....

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