Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shidduch dates from hell

The religious dating scene is tough. How tough? Check out Holy Shidduch, a website devoted entirely to stories of shidduch-dates-from-hell. Some samplers:

-- I was dating a guy for four weeks and each erev Shabbat he would send me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a wonderful card. Last Friday, I was excited once more to receive a bouquet that was almost three time bigger than the rest. Unfortunately, the card did not have my name on it, but some other girl.

-- He invited me to his house for dinner which he was making. A bit unorthodox for a Shidduch, but I agreed. The second date he convinced me to watch a baseball game with him, again at his house. This went on for a few more dates until I insisted we actually go out. That is when he told me he was on house arrest.

-- I went out this with this guy a few times, when he asked me if on our next date we wanted to meet his parents. I was hesitant, but said fine. He picked me up and said we would meet them at their work and we could take a tour. THEY OWN A SLAUGHTER HOUSE!

-- This guy just broke up with me by having his mother call me to tell me. Are you kidding me!

More - way more - here. And I don't care whether they're true or not... enjoy.

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