Monday, November 09, 2009

Sara Netanyahu's job

The Israeli papers have all been full of positive stories about the improvement in Sarah Netanyahu's dress sense over the past year. (Even Ha'aretz, normally above this kind of thing, succumbed - albeit with a very snooty piece concluding she dresses "okay").

In one such piece in Yediot this weekend, I learned something new (to me) about Mrs Netanyahu. Last time I checked, she was an air hostess - that is how she met Bibi, as I recall. During Bibi's first term as PM, she did voluntary work, interfered a lot in politics, and generally made herself unpopular.

Apparently she is now a child psychologist, specialising in the Charedi sector, and working for the Jerusalem Municipality - insisting on holding down the day job despite her return to the prime ministerial residence, which cannot be easy (and I don't think is that common for prime ministerial spouses).

I have a new respect for her.

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