Thursday, September 03, 2009

Natan Sharansky on how to lose a KGB trail

My friend Amir Mizroch, who is the highly talented news editor of The Jerusalem Post, went to Moscow this week with former Prisoner-of-Zion and current Jewish Agency chair Natan Sharansky, who was there to open a new Jewish school.

Yesterday, on his Facebook status, Amir revealed that "Sharansky showed me how to lose a KGB tail on the Moscow subway if it ever comes to that again".

So go on, I asked, how do you do it?


You get onto the train and wait by the sliding door while looking at the opposite carriage. The person closest to the window looking at you is a KGB spy. As the doors start closing, and they all close together, you stick your foot out to close the doors, so only yours is open. That's when you step out and wave nicely to the spy.

In other words - as I understand it - you get onto the train, wait until the doors are almost closed, and then jump out.

No wonder Sharansky ended up in jail!

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