Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Stay away from Madonna!

The London Times reports that a 25-year-old fashion student who was a member of the London’s Kabbalah centre is currently on trial for stabbing her boyfriend 58 times and her grandmother 130 times.
"As she stabbed the telephone salesman 58 times, witnesses described an 'evil grin on her face' and she was heard to say 'this is done through God'... A few months before last October’s double murder, Davis told her doctor she was being “controlled” and people from the Kabbalah centre were walking around her flat...
[Her lawyer] Mr Evans added: “At the beginning of 2003, Miss Davis became a regular worshipper at the Kabbalah Centre. In April 2003, Miss Davis’s general practitioner notes that Miss Davis had been involved in prayer at church [ie. the Kabbalah Centre -- MS] (and) she reported feeling controlled by the church."
A horrible reminder that cults prey on the weak and the vulnerable -- and that while the Kabbalah Centre has a Madonna, a Britney and a couple of other famous people on its roster, it is really no different.


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