Friday, September 03, 2004

Onlysimchas Watch

Overdressed or underdressed? I'm not sure. Posted by Hello

Actually, other bloggers are doing all the watching and I'm just collating.
This one comes via Baynonim (now added to my blogroll), who offers the following commentary:
Aside from the kittel and candles, which, of course are present, this groom is wearing an overcoat, the overcoat is half on, and his shoelaces are untied.
I confess. My first reaction was: Look at the clown! Who let him out of the dressing room with his clothing half-on?
But L, my native guide, tells me that some grooms approach the chuppah partially undressed to suggest that they are incomplete people until they are married...
L did not have an explanation for the overcoat, and he delivered one of his perfected Withering Looks of Disdain when I suggested that the overcoat custom might have begun when some wedding host forgot to pay his heating bill. L did concede that a half-dressed bride would jazz up the proceedings, but he did not know, if brides perform the same ritual.
I think it is only a matter of time.
Personally I think he's overdressed rather than under-dressed. Otherwise, perfect.

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