Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jewish burka: still with us

I have written now quite a few times about the continuing spread of the "Jewish burka", even following the jailing of the woman who started the trend, child abuser Bruria Keren; and also of the fear of regular Charedi women that this practice will become a norm that will be imposed on them against their will. Unfortunately, the evidence continues to accumulate that the "frumka", as it is known, and the cloak known in Hebrew as a "shal", are making inroads into Charedi society.

Life in Israel has linked to a report by Mynet on a wedding invitation from Meah Shearim, which included a plea that
guests should come dressed tzanua [modestly], and wear the shal [cloak]. It also added that doing so will please the holy shechina, and in the merit of the righteous women we will be redeemed.

According to the guest who spoke to MYNET, this was put on the invitation despite the fact that all the invitees themselves are Haredim, so there is no issue of the women being dressed inappropriately, and the venue for the wedding is one where the men and women are in completely separate halls, plus they covered up all the windows in the womens hall, so no men would see the women anyway.

As an aside, MYNET notes another interesting Mea Shearim wedding coming up where the bride, the kallah, is 22 and the groom, the chosson, is 17. The reason it took so long for this alte maidel to find her zivug is because of her demand that after she marry she would insist on wearing a shal and a raala (a.k.a. a burqa).

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