Thursday, December 02, 2010

Get married, send your parents to the poorhouse

Marty Bluke reads Mishpacha magazine so we don't have to...

According to his blog, Jewish Worker, a recent edition (I can't find the copy on the magazine's internet site) claimed that
the profile of the recipient of Tzedaka has changed dramatically. In the past most of the people who needed tzedaka were people who had undergone some tragedy, someone died, got sick, divorce etc. the average Charedi was not rich but did not need support from Kupat Hair.

In the last few years this has changed dramatically. Most of the people who now get money from Kupat Hair are regular people who are poor because they married off their children. To marry off their children they had to buy them apartments and that put them under water. They borrowed money that they could not repay and now they need tzedaka.
Hardly surprising when you consider the going rate for a shidduch. But for how long can Charedi leaders continue to dig in their heels and banish anyone who suggests this is not a realistic, or dignified, way of life?


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