Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What if an El Al plane crashed on the Lost island?

Another funny. The staff of JTA wonder what Lost - the last season of which will be on British screens next week - would have looked like had it been an El Al plane that crashed:

-- In the first place, the plane would have never crashed because the pilots would have been able to perform evasive maneuvers. But if it had…
-- Jack would not have been the only doctor.
-- John Locke would have been named Yeshayahu Leibowitz.
-- Sayid would have never made it on to the plane.
-- Instead of his makeshift radio, some of the Israeli passengers would have set up a high-speed Internet link.
-- Some Lubavicther would have shown up before long to open up a Chabad house.
-- There would be more than just one recklessly driven, German-made vehicle on the road.
-- The existence of a nuclear weapon on the island would never have been acknowledged.
-- Gratuitous shots of Kate in her underwear would be replaced by quick peeks of haredi women sans sheitels.
-- The island would suddenly have attracted the attention of the entire world, with the U.N. accusing the passengers of illegally occupying territory and using disproportionate force to fend off attacks by the Others.
-- UPDATE: A friendly rabbi adds: " The back fuselage was what stayed intact, so all the people davening in the back would have made it. Breakaway minyan, anyone?

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