Thursday, February 04, 2010

Excommunicating Richard Goldstone

The personal invective against Judge Richard Goldstone is becoming very intense and making me very uncomfortable. First, Alan Dershowitz calls him a "traitor to the Jewish people" and an "evil, evil man". Now, a senior IDF officer has said:

"I would not want to be with this person in my country and I would also not participate in a minyan with him for prayer purposes."

By saying you would not daven with someone, or count him in a minyan, you are essentially putting them into cherem.

Now, the Goldstone Report is, as far as I'm concerned, a slander against the IDF and state of Israel, and will severely damage Israel's ability to defend its citizens in the future. Clearly, there is reason to be angry at Judge Goldstone. But the rhetoric is becoming threatening. We should have learned where that can lead by now. And while taking it out on Goldstone personally might make people feel better, how exactly does it help Israel?

Deep breath, everyone....

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