Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poles sell 'Jewish pork loin'

A Polish company, Gzella, is selling a product called "Zydowski pork loin" - "Jewish pork loin".

According to their website, it is apparently a steamed pork product with a strong flavour of marjoram.

But what on earth could the Jewish connection be? I emailed the company.

They explained:

"In Poland we have many product called “Zydowski...” It means that it’s traditional and has very good taste.

“Zydowski” in the name doesn’t mean that Jewish people make or eat it.We have Grandmother Ham or Grandfather Sausage and so on - and it doesn’t mean that it comes from Grandma or Grandpa.

But thank you for you e-mail. We will pay attention when we call our new products."

"Traditional and has very good taste?" That's good enough for me......

(h/t: Raffi)

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