Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey, if they can do it...

The NY Jewish Week is reporting on a conference of Jewish educators which took place in New Jersey last week, attracting nearly 600 teachers, principals and administrators from across the US and Canada.

The paper notes:

It was the first joint conference organized by the major day school networks from each of the denominations: the Solomon Schechter Day School Association, RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network, Yeshiva University’s Institute for University-School Partnership, and PARDeS: The Progressive Association of Reform Day Schools.

Ie Conservative, Orthodox, Reform and even cross-communal schools all organised the conference together, sat together, discussed together, exchanged ideas together... There is nothing in the article to indicate that any of the participants were struck by lightening from above or that the heavens fell in as a result.

Anglo-Jewry please note.

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