Thursday, February 24, 2005

Link dump

Some noteworthy items from around the J-blogosphere:
  • Lamed unveils a new set of Tzniustic-looking Jewish dolls, accessories and all. Personally I think it's a good idea -- kids should be able to play with dolls with normal figures and which they can identify with, although the doll on the right looks like she's being choked by that shirt.
  • Reb Yudel posts a piece from Yori Yanover, wondering whether a recent 'Midrash' cited on Cross-Currents is actually a disguised Aesop's Fable. I tend to agree with Zman Biur's comment, however, it reminds me of the time someone in my Shul in Montreal gave a Dvar Torah citing a story about 'an ancient rabbi' -- not realizing the story in fact came out of the New Testament and that the 'ancient rabbi' was a Galilean who walked on water.
  • Allison links to an article I looked for yesterday while I was writing about the JNF, but couldn't find (thanks, Allison). "According to the annual report summarizing philanthropic activity in the U.S, six out of the 10 largest donors - with donations between $100 million $375 million - were Jews, and none of them made any significant donation to Jewish needs. Only 20 percent of the donations by Jews are directed to Jewish concerns, while 50 years ago that proportion was 50 percent. " Another reason -- if another was needed -- for Jewish organizations to clean up their act asap. While recent scandals have nothing to do with the stats above, tainted reputations and credibility issues aren't going to help matters.

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