Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jpost -- back to the future?

Thanks to Allison for forwarding me this article in Globes, which describes how the Jerusalem Post has fired its press staff and is going to be printed from now on in Rishon LeZion, in a printing house belong to, surprise surprise, the new owners. Traditionally, the printing press has been the most profitable part of the Jerusalem Post... if that goes, they really are in trouble.
The rumor more immediately relevant to the JPost-reading public, however, and the one not included in the Globes report, is that the new printing house can't cope with the Jerusalem Post's new design (new as of a year and a half ago), which is an elegant slimline shape no other Israeli paper prints in (similar to the National Post in Canada) -- and that the paper will soon return to printing in full broadsheet.
If this is true, it would be, of course, a move in the opposite direction to most other major newspapers in the world, who are moving away from clunky broadsheet formats in droves.

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