Thursday, December 23, 2004

In Yiddish, this is called a 'kvetch'

With exquisite, erev Christmas timing, some archaeologists have announced that they have discovered the actual remains of one of Jesus' famous miracles, the turning of water into wine. (I have linked one of the less tentative headlines!)

Archaeologists say Site of the Biblical Wedding Banquet Found

According to a Dec. 22 Associated Press report, “archeologists found pieces of large stone jars of the type the Gospel says Jesus used when he turned water into wine at a Jewish wedding in the Galilee village of Cana.”
The shards were found during a “salvage dig” in a the modern-day Cana between Nazareth and Capernaum. The pieces date back to the Roman period, when Jesus traveled to Galilee, suggesting the jars were the same ones used during the biblical ceremony.
"All indications from the archaeological excavations suggest that the site of the wedding was (modern-day) Cana, the site that we have been investigating," said Yardena Alexander, according to AP.

But every story has its spoilsports and nay-sayers, (hasn't Yankel from the Ministry of Tourism shut him up yet???):
However, many archaeologists are not sure if the shards are enough to prove they were the same ones used during the miracle, since the type of stone jars are not rare. "Just the existence of stone vessels is not enough to prove that this is a biblical site," said another archaeologist Shimon Gibson.
Again - in Yiddish: 'nisht farginnern'!!

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