Friday, January 25, 2013

UOHC child protection letter

My quick translation:
"Parents and educational establishments in our community dedicate themselves to educate pure souls and to bring them up and to protect them in holiness and purity, and thank G-d are very successful in this. The safety of our sweet children and protecting them from every harm and abuse is of course necessary.
And for that reason, it is our duty to consider every claim of abuse as a very serious thing, and we need to inform how to properly deal with this and to make fences in order to prevent such possibilities and to give proper assistance to everyone who has been abused.
The Union has a special committee to deal with cases of abuse amongst our children. The members of the committee are rabbis, educators and members of the community who have been properly trained in how to deal with this. The rabbinate recognises that there are certain times when it is correct and necessary to call the social services and police. The committee will consult with the rabbis to determine the proper course of action in each case.
The committee will try to use the advice and help of experts to help families or children who have suffered from abuse.
Unfortunately a programme has been made that is about to be broadcast on television about the abuse of children in our community, which claims that even after the actions of abusers are known, they have the possibility of continuing in their acts. The committee for child protection and determining the correct way to protect our children in our community will help please G-d to silence the claims of the questioners that the Union does not fulfil its obligation in this matter.
In every case that comes before one of the rabbis, educators or principals of one of the institutions, where there is fear for a child's safety, you are requested to refer the matter to the committee, which will deal with it in consultation with the beth din and according to the law of the land.
The number of the committee is below.
[Ephraim Padwa]
UOHC child protection line: 020 - 3322- 8384


Anonymous said...

drai kop
The only people the union and Satmar will protect are the Webermans and molesters.

Anonymous said...

Who is on this commitee?