Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Israel and Abu Ghraib

This rather strange article goes to extraordinary lengths to disprove allegations aired on CBC that Israeli interrogators were involved in abuse at Abu Ghraib. The latter half almost reads as if it is based on talking points provided by Israel's foreign office.
As far as I was aware, the CBC allegations were not taken seriously by anyone; the network itself aired an apology on the evening news for ever broadcasting them. Why would Ha’aretz risk giving such unfounded and harmful rumors more publicity, indeed, more credence, by going into such a tortured (ahem) refutation?

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Anonymous said...

As a CBC 'watcher', the CBC comment was outrageous -- not the only outrageous content to be heard / seen on CBC when the Middle East is the subject. Yet I found the Haaretz article informative. Unfortunately, when you get down in the gutter, mud can stick.