Monday, September 08, 2008

Barking mad

The Bark-mitzvah phenomenon – giving your dog a ‘barmitzvah’ party – has been around for a few years; but now - just like real barmitzvahs - the celebrations are getting more expensive.

One New Yorker has just made headlines after spending an astounding $10,000 on his pooch’s party – which was attended by 100 people, including Dr Ruth. Fur real.

According to proud owner – parent? – David Best, the dog, Elvis, “has a great personality and everyone loves him”.

Now, I’ll admit that the whole event seems to have been carried out with lots of humour, and Dr Ruth certainly seemed to be having lots of fun. But still……….. what a colossal waste of money. Couldn’t Mr Best have donated the cash to charity - and given the dog a bone or something?

Muzzle tov, I guess.

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